Horizon Lost

by The Willow Collective

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released 16 April 2014

The Willow Collective are:
Obadiah Brown-Beach, The Wizard (vocals, guitars)
Jacob Brown-Beach, The Knight (Drums, vocals)
Bryce Esses, The Slayer (Guitars, bloodlust roar)
Lizzy Peixoto/Timpe, The Archer (Bass)
Dave Peixoto, The Squire (Arts)

Recording and Mixing - Obadiah Brown-Beach
Mastering - Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering



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Track Name: Introit
The silence calls and we're back again
A solemn reunion
As life falls asunder, rebuild again
Now on our knees no more.
Track Name: Precipice
As we've assembled atop this precipice to breathe again
Halleluias are sung from on high as the dawn it draws nigh
Hearken to the wind's eternal cry
Stand poised, face the sky
Take up your arms and…
Track Name: Crook (the shepherd must die)
Never thought I'd be brought so low
As to cease all feeling, be swallowed whole
My empty world so placid and miserable
Suffocating on these streets
I think I'm giving up, it's time to give it up

Nothing is sacred in this city
And we sacrifice what's left to perpetuate a dull world

As I feel my knees hit ground
I light up this fabric and burn my tapestry down
In another suicide
Whatever it takes to escape this human waste

Never thought I'd stoop so low
As to be so unfeeling,callous, and cold
How all the hardened hearts to hate as they mutilate in order to create something soulless
But now I think I get it

For nothing is beautiful anymore
So tear it down
Start again

I feel my knees hit ground
As they load up their guns and shoot each other down
In another genocide
Lives laid to waste by our own despicable human race

No I can't be this
Don't want to see this
We can't ignore this:
We must cease to exist, or bring the end

A worthless pile of rubble
A senseless, sterilized, meaningless bubble
Let's ask ourselves:
What happens when the shepherd has gone astray
What happens now we've lost our way

And I feel my knees hit ground
As I light up this fabric and burn it all to the ground
In another xenocide
Whatever it takes to rid this space of human waste
Track Name: Dead Ringer
Who knew
Joy is a tempered labor
carefully crafted
My precious efforts
Stored in jars
Held in guarded darkness

And I will protect.
And I will defend.
I will stand by your side til the end.

Like a dead ringer in a graveyard
I am just as dirt,
as you

I will protect.
I will defend.
I will stand by your side til the end.

Though all that we cherish
Should crumble and perish
I remain with you
Until the end.